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Niki Bergler  

I Never Liked My Business Name.

There is excitement at the idea of starting something new. A new idea breathes life into the mundane everyday existence. It’s an adrenaline rush we all crave. For me, deciding to start a business meant a new life. It created numerous decisions to occupy my mind and the making of felt endless.

One of those decisions was what I would name my business. The name “Forward Focus” was not the most distinctive choice, as numerous other businesses have similar names. I was begrudgingly aware of this as I signed the LLC application in 2019, but despite extensive brainstorming, finding a unique business name proved challenging.

Since 2019! Time Flies!

Over the past six years, the business has operated in various settings, including online, in a fabulous downtown office with big windows, and over the phone. While there have been moments of doubt and uncertainty, there have also been moments of hope and rejuvenation. Every decision has been carefully considered and executed (meaning mistakes were made).

Looking back, I wonder what my life would have been if I had continued trying to find “the perfect business name” instead of moving on. Reality would suggest I would be back working for someone else and feeling disappointed in myself for never getting off the ground.

Instead, I get to look back at the people who came to my office to support the release of my first book. I see the faces of people who felt lost and now feel in control. The many lunch connections, marketing meetings, and education conventions – memories I would not have if I had not said “good enough” and moved forward. The lessons and growth I have had in the past six years are unmeasurable. My business growth included discovering new personal hobbies!

As a Life Coach….

I have watched countless individuals become so preoccupied with minor details for their goals that they never get started. They need the perfect outfit to start at the gym, the perfect setting to be motivated, the perfect life to quit smoking, the perfect timing to launch an idea; if only they had this or that, then they could, etc.

You don’t need perfection; you need to take a small step towards what you’ve told so many people you are going to do but have yet to start.

Face whatever is holding you back. Is it fear of failure or fear of success? Think about how you will feel, never reaching for what aches in your heart. Will it be worth it to look back and realize all of the time you have wasted? Is it worth it now?

One little change today will have a domino affect on your future. Who cares if you don’t like your metaphorical business name? You can always change it.

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